Professional Plant Care

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Your trees and shrubs do not require as much watering as sod or grass seed. Water thoroughly two or three times a week for the first year, depending on the weather. Large trees should have an amount equivalent to a five gallon bucket per week. The best way to make sure water does not run off is to set a hose by the trunk of the tree and trickle water for about a half hour one or two times per week. During very hot periods with little rain and/or breezy conditions, you may need to increase watering. Wilting that occurs in the heat of a midsummer day is common and temporary: do not be alarmed by it. However, wilting that extends beyond the heat of the day, especially if it occurs in the morning, is a signal that the plant is suffering a serious water shortage.
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A high percentage of the plants that we replace under warranty have been drowned by well intentional homeowners. The symptoms of overwatering are very much like those of underwatering, pale foliage and wilting. So how do you distinguish between the two? Check the soil around the plant. The best way to check to see if your trees and shrubs are getting the proper amount of water is to dig along the side of the root ball of the plant and feel how wet the soil is. If you squeeze the soil in your hand and water drips out, you are watering too much, If the soil crumbles, you are not watering enough. The soil should be just moist to hold together after you squeeze it.


Always use clean, sharp tools to prune your plants. Make cuts flush with the trunk or base of the plant, or just above a bud. Remove branches that are rubbing together to avoid creating wounds that invite disease and insects. Dead branches may be removed at any time. Suckers should be removed promptly, so they do not utilize nutrients that should be going to the main plant. Avoid pruning on hot days. Deciduous trees are best pruned after they drop their leaves. Flowering shrubs should be pruned right after they are done blooming. Evergreen shrubs can be pruned at any time, however the best time for pines is in June before the candles (new needles) open up.